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All In All

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Get A GripIt is tempting to compromise one’s faith in a world that has decided Evangelical Christians are the authors of hate and division and therefore must not only be marginalized but ideally silenced. However to do so is to fail to steward the greatest treasure one could receive – Salvation through Christ. It is in times like these that we need to hear the challenge from the book of Hebrews in the Bible to hold strong and fast to the Faith. Hebrews gives us a needed reminder that Jesus is the perfect and only Savior and any suffering for our faith in Him is worth it. Join us for this series as we seek to “Get A Grip!” in a post-truth world.


The Problem of Evil


Faith, Hope and LoveIn several places in the Bible you will find the grouping of faith, hope, and love. These core virtues are to be visible evidence of being a Christian. Said another way, one cannot be a true Christian without these virtues. This short series will unpack the importance and blessing of each one in providing the Believer a strong rope to hang onto in life.


Communion: Do This in Remembrance of Me


Truth or Love:What's Your Choice?



It is not surprising that the book of Psalms is one of the most loved books of the Bible. Calvin called it “the anatomy of the soul” because in it one can find all of man’s emotions represented. Others have said they treasure it because it is where God and humanity intersect. It is where faith meets life. The ancients put its prayers to music for corporate and individual worship to regularly remind themselves of its four major themes to stabilize life like four legs do for a chair. The four major themes: 1. God’s control in the world; 2. God’s covenant faithfulness; 3. God’s concern for justice; and 4. God’s coming kingdom shaped their view of the world, bringing them peace, security, confidence, and hope. God recorded it to do the same for us today. Join us as we sit “for a spell” in the book of Psalms to put life in perspective.


Gospel of Life

In the book of Galatians in the Bible we find the Apostle Paul contending for the gospel with great passion and urgency. He does so because for the Christian the gospel is not just something we give ascent to at one time in our life and then wait for Heaven but rather it is the key to the entire Christian life. “As Tim Keller writes in his book “Galatians for You”, I want us to see that “we never get ‘beyond the gospel’ in our Christian life to something more ‘advanced.’” The gospel is not the first “step” in a “stairway” of truths, rather, it is more like the “hub” in a “wheel” of truth. The gospel is not just the A-B-C’s but the A to Z of Christianity. The gospel is not just the minimum required doctrine necessary to enter the kingdom, but the way we make all progress in the kingdom. We are not justified by the gospel and then sanctified by obedience, but the gospel is the way we grow (Gal.3:1–3) and are renewed (Col.1:6). It is the solution to each problem, the key to each closed door, the power through every barrier (Rom.1:16–17).” In other words, having an accurate understanding of the gospel as given by Christ and the apostles will have a transforming impact on our spiritual life for the present and the future. Join us for “The Gospel of Life” as we study the important message of the book of Galatians.


Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So
New Years day 2017.


3 Responses to Christmas

What can we learn from those who were present at the first Christmas? Christmas is about God taking on flesh so that ultimately, we can have a relationship with Him for eternity. Join us for this three-part series to discover the right personal response to the miracle of Christmas.


Wait 2016-12-24

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Remember: A series in 2nd Timothy

Remembering gives us perspective, focus, and inspiration for the future. The Apostle Paul seeks to use the power of remembering to motivate and shape his protégé Timothy to persevere in living a gospel centered life. This very heartfelt and urgent message to Timothy is to the present day Christian as well. It is a call to be faithful to the gift of the gospel that has been entrusted to those who have placed faith in Christ as their Savior. My hope is that this series will renew and stir hearts to steward the treasure of the gospel that has been entrusted to those who believe.


Summer Speaker Series

Please join us for a brief series of guest speakers, August 14 and 21, while Pastor Val is on vacation.


God's Roadmap

Those who think doctrine is important often get stereotyped as all head and no heart. This is unfortunate because a few key doctrines of the faith provide the inspiration we need for a lifetime of good works. The doctrine of the gospel should inform how we live, how we relate to others: gracious, merciful, long suffering, sacrificial, loving, etc. Doctrine is a gift from God, and it flows from the inspired pages of the Word of God that we might love God with our whole being and our neighbor as ourselves. This is why we must be dogmatic in our doctrine-not dogmatically harsh, but dogmatically humble as we seek to know, proclaim, and defend the doctrine that teaches us about our loving and holy Lord who gave Himself for us. Doctrine is God’s road map for Life and when we honor it as such we will reveal to the world around us the life-changing gospel.



Children of Promise

Unfortunately, in the “me centered” culture of our day children are often perceived as a liability or at best an interference on our journey to significance. We need to look at children in faith, and see how many people will be ministered to by our ministering to them. How many people will the children you have the opportunity to influence know in their lives? How many grandchildren are represented in the faces around your table, in your classroom, in your neighborhood now? This reality should inspire us to see the great importance and promise of children. The Bible certainly teaches of their value and our responsibility to them. On this Mother’s Day we will celebrate women for the investment they make in the lives of children. As we do we will also be reminded of the role of influence we all have the privilege and obligation to make in young lives too.



The Blessing of Access

We live in an area of the country where access reigns supreme – through networking, security clearances, and job titles. Thankfully Jesus came to bridge the gap between sinful man and a holy God. The access he provided was to much more than Heaven when we die but to an intimate personal relationship with God in the present as well. The primary means we have to gain the blessings of this access is through prayer. Join us for this series of messages on connecting with God through prayer.



Hindering Prayer

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Planning Prayer

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Easter Sunday 2016



Isn’t it surprising how quickly our demeanor and attitude can change based on our expectations.  Often those expectations are unrealistic or at best misplaced.  We see a vivid example of this in the crowd’s response to Christ’s triumphal entry on Palm Sunday.  One minute the crowd is shouting “hosanna!” and the next, “crucify him!”.  As much as we think their behavior was shameful don’t we exemplify the same thing when God does not do what we expect of Him?  Join us this Sunday as we consider our expectations of God.




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All the evidence one needs to argue as a society, that we have an insatiable appetite for fear, is to look at the theme of the most popular movies and reality TV shows. And yet the one fear that would resolve all of our other fears is forgotten – the fear of God. The Bible gives great emphasis and importance to our lives being defined and shaped by a healthy fear of God. In this multiple part series we will gain an understanding about how both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible instruct us to live our lives in fear of God. We will also examine the two primary biblical descriptions of the fear of God, the source of the fear of God and how to cultivate and maintain a fear of God.



CBC presents a series of guest speakers that include several visiting pastors and the CBC elders. We continue to pray for our Senior Pastor Val Chappell as he recovers from major surgery.



Taking time to slow down, reflect, and contemplate is not something we typically do. Most often those times are forced upon us by crisis or sickness. I just had one of those interruptions in my own life as the result of a family funeral. Although it was an unwelcomed event it also led to a joyful time of remembering together our journey over the years as a family. It is good to take life off of fast forward and rewind to consider where you have been and not just keep forging ahead. So with that wisdom in mind, for the next few Sundays, we are going to rewind 2015 and revisit some of the truths we have learned in our study of the Bible over the year. Please join us for “Rewind 2015”, as we remember the value of being a soldier, hero, friend, and saint.



It matters little how articulate and passionate Christians are in sharing the transformational message of the gospel if their personal lives do not give proof of the life change they are claiming is available through faith in Christ. I believe that is Christ’s primary point in Matthew 5 when he warns Christians they will fail to be the salt and light of the gospel if the salt loses it saltiness and if the light is not visible. The Apostle Peter in the book of 2 Peter warns Christians what is at stake for them and their effectiveness for God’s mission through them if they fail to be living proof of the gospel. Join us for this much needed reminder as we focus on the message of Matthew 5:13 and the book of 2 Peter.

Lives Matter

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Be Confident

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Don’t Forget

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Be Real

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Everyone loves a good story. They bring moral truth to life in a way that often hits us right where we live because we can place ourselves in the story. Join us for this series where we will consider Jesus’s use of stories, called Parables, to teach us important truths about what is required to go to Heaven and how a person headed for Heaven will live.


The Rich Fool

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America is a nation of freedom. Why is it that this nation is the “land of the free?” Quite simply, it is because the country is governed by a set of laws that guarantee freedom.  America is not a nation that is unburdened by rules. Rather, it is a nation bound by strict rules which protect its citizens’ rights and freedoms.  Consider a nation that had absolutely no laws, no governance, no constitution.  Would that be a land where people would have true freedom?  No!  There would be terrible chaos and bloodshed, and that nation would undoubtedly be a terrible place to live.  Freedom comes when we have rules and when we obey those rules.  The current trend in our culture is to see long-held boundaries of morality as oppressive and destructive when they are actually the opposite.  They were established by God to enable us to experience the full abundant life He created us to enjoy.  This message challenges our culture’s thinking and considers how rules and boundaries are for our blessing.



Paul’s letter to the Philippian church is described by some, to be in the genre of a friendship letter with some instruction thrown in as well.  He seeks to celebrate their friendship in Christ and to remind them of the importance of loving each other well so they can fulfill their calling to advance the gospel.  They were suffering as they tried to share the gospel in a hostile environment to Christianity, and he wanted them to remember they were already citizens of Heaven, and therefore, to not let their circumstances rob them of their joy.  Sounds like a timely word of encouragement and instruction for us as well, as our world becomes increasingly antagonistic to Christianity.  Please join us as this series is sure to encourage and challenge us as friends in Christ, resolving to advance the gospel together.

Divine Interest

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Love One Another

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Press On

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One Mind

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On Palm Sunday Jesus made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem to cheering crowds.  However their enthusiasm was for a Jesus of their own making not the real Jesus.  They wanted a political King and He came to be what they needed – a spiritual Savior.  The Bible says that God made man in His own image.  But like playwright George Bernard Shaw aptly noted, “God created man in His own image and then man returned the favor.”  Who are you worshiping, the real Jesus or a Jesus or your own making?  This Sunday we will discover together the value of Jesus coming to save us from a counterfeit Jesus.



Facebook, for many, is a great way to stay connected with friends and family.  However, some avoid Facebook because they find themselves depressed and envious of the lives of others, as they feel their lives fall short of the lives of their Facebook friends.  Well, in the series Faithbook (hope you enjoy the play on words), we will be challenged and encouraged by the adventurous and purposeful lives of some Old Testament greats, like Abraham, Joseph, Joshua, and David.   This powerful life of faith that they represent is accessible to all who will surrender to God in faith and obedience.  My prayer for all who join us for this series is that we will become men and women of faith that transform our culture.




Fall is upon us, and that means we are leaving the lazy and somewhat care free days of summer, and starting a more ambitious intentional routine.  It is at such times as these, that churches need to re-ignite their passion for Christ’s mission for His church; the mission of being shaped by the gospel and spreading it to the world.  One of the most inspiring sections of scripture for the church to consult is 1&2 Thessalonians.  Paul’s letters to the Thessalonian church throw valuable light on such aspects, as the church’s continuous evangelism, pastoral care, ethical standards, reciprocal fellowship, public worship, obedience to apostolic teaching, and future hope.  Let this series of messages help us pursue a routine that reflects the goal of living a life worthy of the gospel.  Join us Sunday mornings at 11:00 for this timely series.

Family Matters

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This summer CBC presents a series of guest speakers that include several visiting pastors and the CBC elders.  We continue to pray for our senior Pastor Val Chappell as he enjoys a summer sabbatical during this time.


Faith In Motion

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War of Thrones

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More Than Words

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Persevering Faith

By Pastor Val Chappell   View this sermon in a new window. Scripture makes very clear in Ephesians 2:8-9 and elsewhere that salvation is a gift, a work of God’s grace, that we receive through faith and not by good works on our part.  Yet it also teaches without question that genuine saving faith will…





Grace Abounds!

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Sin Matters

By Pastor Val Chappell View this sermon in a new window. Some today seem to think Biblical Christianity needs help with its reputation and packaging.  Consequently in an effort to give Christianity a “facelift” they pervert the gospel removing its eternal significance.  The devil works in two ways: by deception, “You shall not surely die”…








4 Christmases

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Ready or Not

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Authentic Faith

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Holy Ambition

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Amazing Grace

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Membership Matters: IN

Play this sermon in a new window  Church membership for many is something they regard with suspicion – as if joining the church automatically signed you up to tithe by direct deposit.  Although there is not a proof text in the Bible for formal church membership I believe it is the best pragmatic way to…




Examine Yourselves